Monday, April 2, 2012

Regrowing Celery. It's That Easy!

This is really a neat trick I learned from Chickens In The Road. Did you know you could regrow celery from the cut end of a celery stalk? I sure didn't, but I had to try. 

It's quite simple, really. I've taken a few pictures of my progress so far. 

First, I cut off the celery end and soaked it in water over night. 

Then, it's out to the container garden on our balcony. I buried it under about 1 inch of soil. 

About 6 days later, it started to sprout! 

This is as far as it's gotten so far. I'll keep updating as it grows. I may just have to plant one every few weeks so we have a constant supply of fresh celery. 

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