Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lights Put on Hold

So, our lighting is being put on hold until further notice. The management is going to be replacing and repainting the balcony railings throughout the community over the next month.  Right now, my window boxes are off the railing and sitting on the bench next to the other container plants. Hopefully, they get to our balcony soon. I really want those light up so we can use the balcony at night too. 

I had thought that all the heavy rains may have drowned a lot of my vegetable seeds. But, most of them are starting to sprout. They just took their time germinating, I guess. My Worm Factory is also going strong. I added another 2000 worms last week and now, they're really going through the veggie scraps. I can't wait to start adding more trays and harvest that black gold.  Pin It

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