Monday, March 12, 2012

Container Garden Location

Before I work on the lighting, I am trying to decide where to set up my container garden. I've be keeping track of how the sun hits the balcony and Notice that the south railing gets the most sun. The problem I may have is trying to figure out how to make a shelf that's high enough so the plants get enough sun, and also looks nice. Check the photo below to see what side of the balcony I'm referring to.
Possible planter location. 
the other choice is the east wall. About 80% of the east wall gets sun. It also gets less sun that the south side. We have a large tree on the west side of the balcony that shades our bedroom wall during the evening. It also shades half the balcony. This location would be the easiest to set up since we already have a makeshift bench. What I'll probably end up doing is setting the larger plants on the east wall, and placing smaller planters on top of the south railing for herbs and other small plants.
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